Friday, 17 July 2015

Art Abandonment

Some of you may have heard of Art Abandonment and some of you may not.  You can check it out here on Facebook.  It is a public page.  For years I have been wanting to do this but never really knew what to make or where to abandon them.

Last year I found a tutorial on how to make little hats out of wool and toilet roll.  I found that it sat nicely on top of a plastic coke bottle and the lid helped to keep the shape better.  Since then I have been collecting plastic bottle lids and making a lot of little hats.

At first it was just for fun and I thought I would make a mobile out of it.  Spotlight sells tiny little wool balls (mentioned in a previous post) that make 2 hats.  Still I had a heap over and suddenly remembered the Art Abandoment that I have been wanting to do.

Well I did my first one on Wednesday night where I go for my gym class.  I went up to the cafe and ordered a small coffee as pretense for being there.  There is a little shelf cut into the bench where the cold foods glass display started so I put it there.  I was so nervous that I realised the little hat covered the sign that says PICK ME.  I then had to try and rearrange it without any one noticing but of course that is when everyone who works in the cafe decided to come and stand right near the glass!

My gym class is not far from the cafe area so while I was waiting for the class to start I heard the cafe being locked up; a high pitched unintelligible exclamation, and then a lot of laughter.  I think they liked it.

I had two more to drop off that night so the second one went in an empty pocket on a leaflet stand.  Again, there was suddenly staff everywhere when normally there are none.  My final drop was after class when it was dark.  I tied it to the fence in the carpark.

This is what they look like out of the bag.  I have included an extra long strand of wool so they can be hung.

Exercise wise I am having issues.  I want to get out there and get moving but I have got new orthotics and it always takes a while to break them in.  My right one is perfect and I barely feel that it is there.  The Left one has already been back once for corrections because I got pressure blisters.  I picked it up before my gym class and all was well with it.  I wore it to work the next day.  All day it was fine (remember I sit at a desk).  Walking the 1.5km to the train station ended in shear hell though.  Looks like my foot has found a new pressure point.  Yes ouch.  Thankfully I can wear other shoes, I just can't walk long distances in them.

This morning I was up earlier than usual (probably when I should be getting up without hitting the snooze button).  We have a 30s, 40s, 50s day at work.  I don't have the clothes but I do have the shoes and the least I could do is was my hair and makeup.  I still managed to be latish for work but I think I did a pretty good job considering I have never done this style before and I don't wear makeup much.

Finally here is a shot of the central train station this morning.  I just loved the clouds and the leafless trees.  Pity about the street light.

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