Friday, 3 July 2015

End of Week

I recently applied for a Team Leader role at work for my team (technically we don't have one and I have been acting as a go to person).  They needed someone with a Legal background which I don't have, but I had already expressed an interest in further training in this area.  Apparently it was very close but I just missed out to someone who has a law degree.  I am not overly upset about this.  I figured that if God wanted me in that role then he would open doors to it.

Sometimes Friday can't come quick enough and for some reason this week especially.  By mid morning on Tuesday it felt like it should have been Wednesday already, and Thursday by the time I left work.  Of course I slept in this morning and arrived at work an hour late.  Thankfully they don't care as long as I make it up and don't make it a habit.

One of the girls is leaving us to day to go back home to greener pastures.  Yes she is going home to New Zealand.  I offered to make her goodbye card.  It proved harder than most.  I like to cater the card to the person but how do you make a goodbye card for a mad Kardashian fan.

The first thing is to consult another Kardashian Fan (even though, quoting their own words, I am not good at that sort of thing.)  Eventually the second Fan came up with a way to include a Kardashian type theme without pasting a tacky picture of the girls on the card and including her other favourite thing: cats.

Here you are, the first ever Catdashian Card.

For all the crafty people out there I used jac paper (double sided sticky paper) for the cat.  I drew the image on the jac paper and cut it out.  I then stuck it to white paper (I find this shows up the colour of the glitter better as it can be a bit translucent).  I just pulled off the protective top layer but kept some for the eyes. The golden brown went first.  I then removed the eye protection and cut the lid section off before replacing it.  The dark golden brown was added next.  Finally the green was added.  I used a sharpie to create the eyeballs, nose and mouth.

The cat was going to stay on a white square initially as no other colour was going to be used.  As you can see I changed my mind so I ended up cutting the cat out again.  She looks so much better anyway.

Her eyes were also going to be white initially but then I thought green would be better and that was when I decided to add some green to the rest of the card.

Last weekend I did a full day class using Powertex.  I still have some colouring to add to my sculpture which will happen this weekend.  I will post photos once done.

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ruthsplace said...

Cute card. Sorry you didn't get the team leader role, but you sound like you're ok with the decision.