Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Alas, I did not win the hat competition. Would you believe that my ex boss (when I was the trainer) actually won it. He swears he made the whole thing himself. Anyway I personally think it was a popularity contest. LOL

Bad loser aren't I. I really needed that $100 voucher. I went through my wardrobe and draws last night and have two huge bags of clothes that don't fit me anymore. Yes I have lost enough weight to be at that in between stage where clothes are either too big or too small.

This is the winning hat. Umm ya horses have no legs! I thing they are drowning in the Melbourne rain!
And this is mine. You can't see that it actually has the track on top of the hat. Australia is famous for it's flies so instead of corks around the outside I put a dangly Melbourne Cup sign. Not sure why, but it loved to fall to the right of my head. Oh the entire hat itself was made by me as well. It is thin cardboard. Geez I am starting to look old here.
The cup with the oval curve and the Fly Emirates signs are actually something the horses run passed on the actual track.

I even had the cup made out of thin metal and hammered in what is engraved on the real cup.

Sorry Mark, you did a good job, but I still think I shoulda won! :) I have big plans for next years hat so watch out!


Davinia said...

Fabulous hat.....such alot of creativity went into it Kerin. Well done and I think you should have won too.

Ruth's Place said...

Yeah, you should have won, looks like people got stunned by a man using glitter glue :)

By the way, I don't think you look old at all, you are looking great.

carmen said...

I agree, I think you look great too. Must be a good feeling to get rid of clothe that are now too big.