Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Week 4

Monday was weigh in day. I am happy, I am sitting on 95kg which actually puts me 1kg in front of my goal. Saw the gastric specialist again and he is very pleased with how things are progressing. I had another fill of the band and I don't go back to see him for 8 weeks.

Noticed that I could almost fit into clothes in "normal" stores. For the last 4-5 years I have been stuck with the rare store that does larger sizes so this is starting to feel good. I went into Be Me last night and found a lovely red top to wear to Oprah and for Christmas and a lovely purple top as well. The best news is that I have lost two dress sizes! Yay. Mum kept holding clothes up to me to measure and the verdict with the first few was that they were too big. Normally what I like is too small, now it is too big. :)

I am wearing the purple top today and went to put on some black pants and they nearly fell off so I had to go hunting. I am loving this, though soon I may end up wearing exercise clothes to work out of desperation for something that fits. It is hard to justify spending $50 on a top that you may only get to wear a handful of times before it is too big.

In other news I finally cleaned up my office. This is a room where everything gets dumped and I have been putting it off for (dare I say it) 3 years if not more, to go through and tidy. There was enough room on my computer desk for the mouse, keyboard and a drink. I got the tidy bug on Saturday night. Two huge garbage bags of torn up pieces of paper/cardboard boxes later and I can see the carpet. I also found all three screws that had fallen out of the chair. Yes the seat is held on by one screw so don't lean to the right or you will keep going and take the seat with you! It was decided that the carpet was probably in shock at seeing the light of day so the vacuuming will happen this weekend. :) Yes I am messy but I claim the cry of an artist!! LOL

I recently purchased some fabric mixed media art books on Amazon and I am having fun coming up with ideas to mixed with my Stampin' Up products. I have already done one thing but it is not complete yet so I won't be posting pics until it is. I am happy with how it turned out.

The photo's of the 3D swap are still coming as well.

One final thing. One of the nicest, most gorgeous, fun loving people is moving over to Perth from Queensland. I am proud to also call her my Aunt! Mum is ecstatic in the knowledge she will have a sister close again. She and her hubby will be here for Christmas as well. Christmas this year is going to be great. Last year's was horrid, but things are finally looking up for this family.

Will try and get my act together and photograph my latest creations. It's halfway through the week, have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Common girl - you can sew! How about taking in some of those pants of yours to get a bit more wear out of them? (This is advice I should take myself - have lots 5 1/2 kgs in the past 2 1/2 months).

Huge congrats on your loss to far and hope there are many more kilos to come for you!

BealcA's Pad said...

Well, young lady I am so proud of you,and like Lady Astrid said, take the pants up. I know that you can sew, you have made so many things. but I also know, it is fun to buy something once in a while.

I haven't weighed for a few days, so do not know how I am doing. I didn't really over eat at Thanksgiving, but where I was for the day, they just seemed to eat and eat, don't know where they put it, but the girth of their waists is much bigger than I remember.

Maybe it is because I have lost weight. They were complaining about having problems losing weight. I almost laughed as just because it is a holiday, that is no excuse to eat from the time you get up until you go to bed.

I like to eat, but also I like to be able to continue to breathe. Being on oxygen, over eating makes for a hard workout on the heart plus my lungs.

Sorry about that, hated to see the stuffing that they were doing, not the men, they didn't do that it was just the ladies.

So, Kerin, keep up the good work, I am proud of you. You are one very talented young lady, and I pray that you are around a long while for me to bug. .. . .

Love yah

Yvonne Russell said...

Gearing up for the Oprah event will be a good motivation too... should be a lot of fun.