Monday, 1 November 2010

Week 1

Last week in my post Diet Dilema's I said that I would track my weight loss. I am working on losing 50kg over 50 weeks. Last week I weighed in at 99.2kg and today I am 97kg. YAY!!!! :)

Oh in case you are thinking that 50kg is a lot for me to lose (ie I would be down to 49kg), I am quite short and my optimal weight is 48-54 KG. I will be happy though with anything between 50 and 55kg.

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BealcA's Pad said...

When Christina cleaned my bathroom yesterday she must have did something to my digit scales as when I got on them this morning I weighed in kg, so had to go online for find out what I weighed.
I am not much under you, I was at 90.6 kg this morning, had gained almost 2 lbs, so got to get back on board again. That having had the flu from the flu shot, was a dud for me, and the pain in my right leg from the sciatica is for the birds for sure. Seeing a doctor on Wednesday about a colonoscopy, but probably need to see my own doctor about this pain first, but am procrastinating. . .
Love you, young lady.