Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Week 3

Oh my goodness, what an upside down, topsy turvey week. After my last weigh in I broke my number one rule and weighed in again. In one day I gained 400grams. For the rest of the week I also felt off. Couldn't put my finger on why. I wanted to eat but couldn't find something I wanted to eat, and then felt worse having eaten something I didn't really want.

Friday was bad. I desperately felt the need for a chocolate, so I went to the vending machine and got a toblerone. Then I won some lovely truffle chocolates in the Staff Meeting, which got woofed down Friday night. My craving was sooooo strong, it was like I was out of control. Come Saturday I found out why (something arrived 2 weeks early).

To add to the chocolate feast I had not been able to exercise for a days because of a 3D swap I was involved in. I had to make 15 for the swap. 3D can take a while so I made one thing and realised it would take too long. I then made something else and that was going to take too long. I then decided to make a butterfly mobile using fabric and the Big Shot Butterfly die. I had all 165 pieces cut out, ironed together and placed in their colour schemes by Thursday night only to realise how boring it actually looked. Friday was a mad internet search to find something. I found a Tic Tac Toe game so I modfified it and made 15 of them over the weekend. They were finished late on Sunday night. No exercise other than my hand stamping and punching paper. I need to finish my own yet so there is no photograph at this stage.

Monday morning I weighed in and I had lost the 400 grams I had put on, plus another 200 grams which put me at 96.2kg. I was happy there was a loss. However Monday I left work early because of a migrane and stayed home Tuesday for the same thing. Again no exercise. I decided to hop on the scales again this morning and YAY I weighed in at 94.8kg. 80kg here I come!!!! :) Better not put any on for next Monday now.

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Ruth's Place said...

Yay for weight loss!

I've started running in the mornings, well a combination walk/run that will gradually be more run/walk.

I'd like to see 80kgs again too.