Sunday, 12 April 2009

Paulette Insall Online Class Part 1

About a week a I signed up for an online class on how to paint faces. The first lesson was on how to draw/sketch them first. One suggestion was to trace an image we liked. I decided that because I can draw a little bit already I would try my first sketch without tracing it. I did it straight onto canvas so that I could paint it straight away. Silly me should have realised that a background needed to be painted first. So for lesson two (the background) I pulled out another canvas board and started again.

The below image is the one I was attempting to sketch in the above image. I just couldn't quite get the mood right. She looks sad more than anything. Anyway because I started again I decided I would trace the image onto the background.
I have the tracing paper but not carbon so I coloured the back in with pencil. This transferred quite well. I can truly say that 95% of the below image is traced and 5% hand drawn. At least the expression is better in this one.
The next lesson is starting to paint her. I hope I can do that well. I might practice on my original sketch first.
If you want to check out Paulette's artwork I have a link on the side of my blog. It is really good.
Hope every one is enjoying their Easter.


BealcA's Pad said...

After looking at hers, I guess that I will never paint again.

Have a wonderful new week.

Love U & Mum

Chocolate Cat said...

Looking forward to seeing the next stage! Not something I will ever attempt, think I would struggle with 'paint by numbers'!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Easter!

Ruth's Place said...

Looks great!

Queen Of Toys said...

You are so brave painting faces i started doing this last year and now love it so much. I have enrolled in paulines class when she comes to Melbourne next year, so come on 2010.

I love reading your blog but dont always leave a comment.

Hugs Eliza