Monday, 9 May 2011


One more day at work (YES) and then tomorrow night I am flying out to cold, chilly Melbourne, leaving the heat behind. Yes Perth is still kinda warm. In fact last night I literally ... actually no that would give you horrible visual images.

In Melbourne I plan to be at the Stampin Up convention for the first few days, then literally flittering all over the city and countryside, catching up with friends and family. I can't wait.

This however has meant lots of preparation. I have made 60 butterfly pins for the swap at convention. I have about 5 different colours but the below are my favourite ones.

Speaking of swaps, the doll for the Artistic doll swap that I am in, has changed rather dramatically since I first made the head. You see, it was initially going to be a flat doll with 3D embellishments, but then I saw what others were making and thought I would give a go with a 3D one, hence the head doesn't quite go any more.

Here is the original head. I have it sitting on an ATC I started Ages ago, but wasn't quite sure how to finish ... I think the head is a great finishing touch. :) One problem solved.
I wanted my doll to represent a tree fairy/nymph, so why not start making a 3D body with dowel, chipboard, string and paper like corrugated cardboard. This is the torso and one leg. Ok so what to do about the hands and feet? Bring out the sculpy. Luckily I had some porcelain coloured one left. I wanted the feet and hands to look stick like, though they look kinda spooky on their own.
Here it is with legs, arms, torso, feet and hands all joined together. All I need now is a head. Back to the drawing board on that one. I have an idea but not sure how good my sculpting skills are. If only I had the time and know how to dry an apple. LOL
When I finally have a head on the poor thing I will start adding colour etc to it. Hmmm I may not want to give it away. It's my first one, and probably my last cause you can never replica the same kind of achievement.

Well I best be off to bed. Have to work tomorrow before flying out at later and I still have to pack and register the seats and God knows what else. Lucky I don't stress about these things hey!

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BealcA's Pad said...

Love the butterflies, esp. the pink one. Love pink. Get cooler and enjoy the swap.

love U and happy flying.