Monday, 30 April 2007

Crafty Jokes

I know that I have mentioned it before but I love where I am currently working. There are so many joksters. Recently one of the more quiet ones had his name converted. Apparently his real name is similar to that of a female porn star. Over the weekend I made up the below image for him to put on his computer. The boss presented it to him at our staff meeting this morning. I told him it took me all afternoon so he had better display it for at least a month. The initials are a mixture of his and the porn stars.
Hmm well I went to the gym tonight and my aim is to look as good as the figure above. Maybe I should have kept her for myself as incentive.
I am going to a craft course on Thursday where I have to take photo's of myself. That is going to be difficult as I hate photo's of myself and therefore have none. We will be making a mini album about ourselves ... I think I will take photo's of the dog. I have lots of pics of the dog so maybe I could pretend they are me. Oh well I will post pictures on here once it is all completed.
I am currently doing instant messaging with a dear Internet friend whom I have never met. It is the first time I have tried it and it is great. By the time I turn 60 I should be able to project my image into someones home and have coffee with them - except by then I hope to be off the coffee!!!


ruth said...

Great picture, did he like it? Isn't IM great? We used it when Jeff was in the USA last week.

Lotta said...

Love the picture!