Thursday, 24 September 2009


My biggest apologies that I have not blogged much lately. Life has been busy. I have been making artistic type pendants to sell and have nearly finished all my master copies. Yes this means the etsy store is closer than ever.

So what has been happening ... well I finally got myself some lessons on my scooter and I am absolutely loving it. I think all car drivers should have to go through motor bike lessons because it makes you realise just how vulnerable you are on the road and also teaches you how much concentration you are NOT using when driving a car. A couple of Sundays ago I had a lesson that had a couple of firsts: 1st time on a dual lane road; 1st time with a reasonable amount of traffic; 1st time on a wet road; 1st time having to stop at lights; 1st time wearing my new boots and borrowed motor bike jacket. Of course I once again forget the gloves and of course my mind is so full of instruction that when I go to stop at a set of lights it seems I kept the accelerator on while breaking. I wondered why I wasn't stopping. I can still see the boot of the white car looming closer in my field of vision when I suddenly went sideways and became very personal with the road. I thanked God for large boobs for the first time because if I didn't have them to cushion me I most definitely would have broken a rib. The only real damage was a circular hole in the palm of my left hand about the size of a 5c piece. This is healing nicely. I managed to go to work the next day (OMG was I stiff and sore) but had the rest of the week off due to dizzy spells brought on by a viral infection in my ears. It had nothing to do with the accident as I didn't hit my head but the guys at work thought I had concussion.

Sunday last saw me at my Journal Junkies group. There was a grand total of 3 of us. It seems that patchwork has become the thing to do at the moment. Joan was making some gorgeous quilts and cat dolls. I have been ordering some fabric myself of late from a great online store called the Fabric Patch, (Ruth has been trying to get me back into sewing for ages and Sulea has gotten into it now so I am slowing getting there). The lady who runs the store gets the order out to you virtually within a week of ordering and is also very accommodating for any questions you may have. Apparently there will be new fabrics coming in November.

On the 4 legged fur children side of my life, Tess is fine, Bo has had her knee operation and is slowly starting to walk on all fours (though habit brings her back to three at times), and Rambo has a be ? over his head. I really thought we would have to put him down over the last weekend but the vet is trying something else. Our vet knows we don't like our pets to suffer so I think this is the last time she will try something new.

Well there is nothing else to tell at the moment. Hope to keep this and my other blog more informed. Life is just one big organisation skill and I seem to be lacking.


Davinia said...

Glad you updated Kerin. I'm sending an email about Saturday for a catch up and to pick up my gorgeous pendant and to give you your prize you won on my blog weeks ago.

Ruth's Place said...

Lovely to hear from you. Can't wait to see your etsy store up and running! Your artwork deserves a larger audience :)