Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Combining interests

What have I got  myself into.  I think making a dreamharp has given me the impression that I can do anything.  At least with the dreamharp I had guidance!

There are two things (ok I have others) in my life that I am currently enjoying: my Blythe Dolls; and my Artistic Doll Swap.  After playing around with altering a Barbie doll for the last swap, I thought, this would be cool to do for real.  I went on line and look at dolls and doll parts like the Ooak Obitsu dolls.  I have purchased the necessary items to create a doll.  The face of this doll however has no eye holes so I will be painting them on.  It also has a wig that fits snugly so I don't need to hand stitch the hair onto a scalp.

You would think that would be enough of a challenge and that I would give it a try first before moving on to something harder.  I probably would have but I am still waiting for parts to arrive, so in my spare time I was looking at more Blythe things on the internet.  I found out bits of information all over the place on how to customise your Blythe doll.  Yep you guessed it, I have gone out and ordered the necessary items for doing this.

At first I thought of making her from scratch but realised it would be easier to work on an already made doll.  I am not so stupid however that I am going to try it on one of my current dolls.  I managed to find someone on ebay who sells the dolls nude, direct from the factory so she is still a genuine Blythe doll.  Though in hindsight, thanks to the cost of postage, it would have been cheaper to buy a Simply Mango Blythe doll with free shipping.

Unlike the Obitsu I will be working on, in order to do new hair, I will be hand stitching it.  The eyes are also movable and I have bought new eye chips.  I am thinking of sanding her face as well to make her less shiny.  At least the makeup can be done using chalks, which luckily I already have.

I am super excited and super scared about customising a Blythe doll.  I want to have all the parts now and get started yesterday.  Hmmm now what to make her.  I am thinking a fairy or an elf.  I may even put a tiny jewel on her eyelid.  Oh the options are endless.


Jinny Holt said...

Can't wait to see her done now,am as excited as you! Jinny x

Chocolate Cat said...

Gosh I love your Dreamharp, what an amazing course to do and to achieve. You are having such an artistic year and really trying new things....