Sunday, 19 February 2012


All this last week I have been busy putting together my first doll and making an outfit for her.  I wanted to do something Elfin out of Lord of the Rings.  I finally finished yesterday.  All I need now is a proper stand to display her.

I did this customisation on the cheap considering it was my first one.  I also had no idea about how to put a body together so I bought one already done.

This is what she started out like, in pieces.  I purchased and Obistu 27cm bodyfor around $20.  The head was about $5.  There were a lot of different types to choose from, but this one looked more Elfin to me than the others.  It also meant that I didn't have to work with eye chips either. 

I was going to paint on the eyes but it is difficult to find the soft body acrylic paint needed without paying a huge cost.  Considering it may have been something I only used once I didn't want to waste my money.  I found a variety of eye decals to choose from.  One sheet (from memory) was around $7.  Finally the wig cost about $12.  Grand total in all that I paid for was $44.  Everything else I already had.

This is not the best photo.  It was done in low light, hence the horrid looking yellow grain.  It took me a while to paint her lips.  In the end I used a plastic medium with micr powder.  I also mixed in some white paint to prevent the colour looking too translucent.  Once the paint was dry and the fourth try of the eye decal was on, I sprayed it with a mat medium that is designed to keep the decals and paint on the face.

Next came the wig.  It was the right size but a little loose so I had to glue it in place.  After that was the costume.

I actually found a website that gives away free patterns of dresses from the Lord of the Rings movies for barbie dolls.  I just had to modify it slightly to make it fit.  This is based on the dress that Galadriel wore at the well.  Like I said, I have modified it so it isn't the exact dress.  What annoys me is that I have noticed her left eye lid seems to have been scratched off a bit.

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ruthsplace said...

She looks great. The dress is gorgeous.