Monday, 30 April 2012

Blythe Customisation Part 2

When I decided I was going to customise, I had no idea that you could paint your own eyec chips.  In fact I had purchased 4 pairs of eye chips ready to go.  They were the closest I could find to the colours that I wanted. Ignore the dust and flakes - I scanned them.

It wasn't until I did some blog surfing on Blythe customisation that I came across an information regarding Amy.  Amy creates the most gorgeous eyechips and I hope one day that I can get somewhere close to her skill.  Below is my first try.  A bit dodgy but I am proud of how they turned out.  The scanner shows up the imperfections, which is a good thing because I can see now where I need to touch up and clean up.  The first pair are purple; then medium blue; dark blue; and grey/silver.  Really need to do something about the pupils in the greay/silver ones.

I also started on carving the mouth into a smile.  I found another tool today that may work better so I will give it a go.  It is kinda of like a circular point nail file with a sharp point.  Found it in with the screw driver set.

Next step is to colour the scalp.  I am thinking of using liquid chalk followed by a matt spray called Mr Superclear (according to my research this spray is great for anything to do with dolls).  Anyway I can only try.  If it doesn't work then I will try something else.  Might not be able to do any more till the weekend though so stay tuned.  My little ice princess is slowly forming.

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