Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blythe Customisation Part 3

Who would have guessed that I would have time to sit and do some more on my Blythe doll today.  I suppose I can thank Transperth for that.  Due to an "incident" when it came time for me to get home, the trains weren't working. 

The train driver told us we were stuck at the platform and it may be quicker to walk.  Our stop was the next stop where we changed trains, so a friend and I decided to take the driver's advice.

Unbeknown to us, there was detours on the foot path which led a lot of us walkers to cross roads that normally don't get crossed by pedestrians let alone at peak hour traffic time.  It was a good 30 minute walk in the fresh air which really only delayed me getting home by 20 minutes - in the meantime, another friend who had elected to stay on the train, got home at her normal time.

All I can say is that with all the "incidences" of trains not working and some walking required, along with escalators not working and therefore needing the stairs, I must remember to thank transperth when I win the biggest weight loss of the year award.

Anyway it meant that when I got home I didn't really need to exercise because I had already done it, so I could sit down and have some fun.

Back to my Blythe doll - tonight I touched up the eye chips and glued them into the eyeballs (so proud of my eye chips).  I also sprayed the scalp with Mr Super Clear and then used a liquid chalk to add the colour I wanted.  I will spray it again once the chalk is dry.

For the eye makeup I have a specific design in mind so you are getting a sneak peak.  I started out with dry chalk and didn't like the density it gave.  It was too light in some areas and too dark in others.  It just wasn't going anywhere.  Eventually I made a stencil out of post it notes, stuck them to her face and then used the same liquid chalk I used on the scalp to add her eye makeup. 

Liquid chalk is supposed to be fast drying but today it was doing anything but.  I had a horrible feeling that it just wasn't going to work and thought I would have to hand paint instead (dreading bush streaks).  I eventually tried drying with the hairdryer and that seems to have worked.  YAY! :)  With the face though, I had sanded it so I didn't use Mr Super Clear on it.  I will spray it on once it is dry to help seal it.  By the way, the makeup looks a lot more shinier in this photo than it does in real life.  It is actually quite matt.

I almost forgot, I have carved a smile into her mouth as well. 

If the scalp has finished drying by tomorrow, I may just have to start stitching the hair.  OMG I am getting sooooo excited about how she will turn out.  It may be a while before I photograph her in full finished beauty as I am waiting for Awsumgal to find the pattern she designed for one of her beauties. 

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