Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blythe Customisation Part 5

Wow, wefted hair.  Takes a while to stitch on but I am sure it is far less time than doing each strand by the loop.  It took 3 nights of sitting in front of my favourite TV shows to get the hair stitched.  I followed the basic instructions for the Cool Cat Website. 

To finish off the wefted hair, you need to cut a small hole in the scalp and pus some of the hair through.  Click on the above link to Cool Cat if you are not sure what I mean.  Anyway they suggest a 10-15cm piece.  I think I used double that and I am glad because I think the weft layers underneath would still have shown.  They also suggested sewing the weft layers 1cm apart but I did it a bit narrower than that.

Once all the hair is in, you have to attach it back to the hard section of the scalp.  Oh my.  When I read that this model head (radiant Blythe) was difficult to re-attach, they weren't kidding.  For two nights I tried to get the soft rubber scalp to push back into its hard casing.  In doing so I almost tore off the hair I had stitched on.  Finally, out of desperation and only 1 of 3 phalanges inserted, I went to the bathroom and poured powder onto it.  After much pushing I finally got it in.  YAY!  I was really getting worried there for a second.

Ok so now that is done I have to set the hair.  Remember there is a bit in the centre that is shoved through a hole and is sticking up like a fountain.  The instructions I read said to gather the hair in an elastic band and iron it in place (iron on low with a cloth over top).  That sound easy, NOT!  The fountain section of hair had it's own mind and wouldn't stay where I wanted it to go.  Doing it while holding onto the hair was not easy either.  I needed two hands to hold the hair in place and another to old the scalp.

All of a sudden I had a brain wave, or brain splash as one of my high school teachers used to say.  There in the room with me, was a tall tube of fabric.  It was the perfect width to rest the scalp on.  I was then able to hold the hair in place withe the lacky band so much more easily. 

After I ironed the hair I covered it with the plastic that you find on the new dolls to keep their hair in place.  I am going to keep it like this until the weekend, just to make sure it stays the way I want it.  After that I will finally put her all back together, and then proceed with a hair cut.  oooooh it is so exciting.

I have added some photos below just in case you are going to customise your own doll.  I like to think they are a nice addition to the visual instruction on the Cool Cat website.

I recently purchased a Simply Mango Blythe doll.  She arrived today and I am going to customise her and see how I go at selling it.  I already know what theme I am going with.  Stay tuned.

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awsumgal said...

Love the hair! Looks great Kerin! Sewing wefts in front of the tube is not so bad is it, lol! Keep up the good work!