Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dogs, walks, prams.

A couple of weekends ago we had the RCPCA Million Paws Walk.  I took my fur babies along and a friend from work came with me to help.  She looked after Bo.  Pretty much carried her the whole day purely and simply because she is cute and cuddly.

What I love about the million paws walk is the chance to get some new outfits for my two girls.  Tess has recently been shaved and we have had some cold nights.  For the sake of me keeping my bed sheets at night I needed to get her a new sleeping jacket.  In the end I got three outfits. 

Tess with cute angel wings.  She does have a halo but it blends in with her fur.  At one stage I was carrying her (she is so heavy), and I was wishing for Red Bull to make her wings work.

Bo ended up in a cute Aussie traditional surf life saving outfit.  This is her minus the cap.

This photo shows the cap and the fact that she did walk a little way.

Considering we were walking along the river and many dogs wanted to cool off, Bo diligently reminded them that they had to swim between the flags.

This is Tess at the end of the day in her new sleep jacket.  She was exhausted.  It was a big day for her.

Considering Bo was carried most of the way due to tiny legs (and my friends need for hugs) and that both are 11 years old and Tess barely made it through the day, I decided to go hunting for dog prams.  Yes your read correctly.

After a week of hunting I realised that the best one to get that would fit both my dogs would cost around $300 including shipping.  This was not an option but I still needed something.  They both love getting out and about but eventually one or both will be carried.

I decided to look on gumtree and came across a pram going for $50, barely been used.  So what if it was meant for a human child.  My dogs are my kids.  Therefore I have now claimed the title of crazy dog lady.

Early morning trial of the new pram.

Don't they look cute.  Thinking of making them bibs and bonnets for the next RSPCA Walk.  LOL

Crazy dog lady signing off.  :)


Chocolate Cat said...

I'm known at home as crazy cat lady so we make a good pair!!! Cute photos!!!

ruthsplace said...

Yep, you really have lost it! Too funny. The dogs look cute in their outfits.