Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blythe Customisation Part 4

Amelie is coming along nicely.  Yes that is going to be the name of my ice queen.  I named her after a character in a series of books I am reading.  In the book she is the Queen Vampire, sounds nasty but she isn't really.  I perceive her as being a character that will do anything she can to save those close to her.  Sometimes it means sacrifices of the heart and doing things that others disagree with.  In her world, in order to keep safe those that she loves, she has to keep them at arms length and hide her emotions.  Through all her trials, she is calm  and cool.  Hence she has earned the nickname Ice Queen buy those who do not understand her.  Anyway the name is the only thing this Blythe and the books character have in common. 

At the moment I am stitching on the hair.  Even with weft hair it is taking forever.  I am also having issues with her eye mechanism.  At first I put I put the mechanism together incorrectly.  Even referring to my photos that I took during the dismantling stage, I was unable to figure out what was wrong and why her eyes weren't changing.

Finally decided to google the eye mechanism and found the blog Blythelovesme with really good, clear images of the mechanism.  It helped me to realise what I had done wrong.  I do think I may have damaged it a little though as the eyes still don't quite want to work, even though everything is in the correct place.  They work once and then something slips.  Think I stretched the bit I had wrong.

Here she is in broad daylight (see she isn't a Vampire) with her eyes closed.  Her face is completely finished though I am wondering how I could gloss up her lips.

Due to having to pull her apart again I have a little damage to the make up.  I am not too worried about it though.  This one is not going to be for sale.  I am learning to always keep my first.  They are an inspiration and a good learning tool.

Dark blue eye chips

Light blue eye chips.  These were my favourite on their own but they tend to disappear in the amongst the blue makeup.

Purple eye chips

These silver eye chips are now my favourites

A close up of the dominates.

 Back to the hair now.  Oh I hope her eye mechanism works properly.

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