Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rethinking ...

Recently I purchased a natural amethyst point that didn't quite sit right.  I decided that a dragon holding onto it would look great.  Poor thing had his fingers squished and resurrected in the process quite a bit so don't look too closely hat his hands.  He refuses to let go as well and therefore I have named the piece "MY Amethyst" - yes with a capitol MY.  :)

Of course I could not take photos and not have fun with pixlr-o-matic.

In other creative news, I have almost finished the pram toys for S.  Been having fun with them.  I can't post pics here yet as she is back on FB and will see the link.  Will post once she has got them. 

Still have a quilt on the go.  This is for me so items for others and the arrival of my polymer clay have taken precedence.  I need to get some curved pins to pin the pieces together but they are hard to find.  Most likely I am googling incorrectly. 

I am super excited to start on some of the items I am making for Christmas though.  Still waiting on the fabric.  My mother found an old pattern for a floor cushion that is in the shape of a frog.  I don't mean a 2D flat one either.   It is a 3D one.  I will be making this for my cousins little boy when they move here (that is in two weeks).  OMG That is in 2 weeks!!!! 

I need a super shed for my crafts.  That way I can have paints in one area, clay in another, jewellery, sewing, and so in at different stations.  That way I won't get clay squished in fabric when I am multi-tasking.

This should be Totally Tessa Tuesday, and although she is full of life and stories I have decided that allocating a day a week for different things is not working for me. I have too much on the go and can't always post when I want to. I also found that I had things I wanted to post but it wasn't the day for it. Therefore I have rethunk my rethinking of my blog and have decided to continue as I always did.


ruthsplace said...

Love the little dragon.

I don't understand why you need curved pins, normal long flat quilting pins should do the trick, you just need to put them closer together to ease the fabric through the curves...

DxxDog Kirkpatrick said...

He's really cool! I like him a lot, and reckon his title/name is very apt, considering the expression on his face :)