Monday, 3 September 2012

What I am making Monday

So much to make and so little time in which to do it.  I have so much on the go right now that really needs my attention but I seem drawn to polymer clay.  I should be sewing and finishing the pram toys I promised S I would do for her baby.  They are cut out at least and a couple are stitched together.

The polymer clay started up because I wanted to make a maternity leave card for S to be signed by those at work but I wanted to make something that was a little different.  I made the one pictured below for a friend years ago now and she loved it so much that she framed it.

I was going to do something similar again and thought I would make the bear out of polymer clay.  I decided to combine the idea with the frame itself.  Instead of writing inside the card, people would write around the matt board that would border the main picture. 

My task now was to find a frame that had a matt board big enough for 30 plus people to sign but also not be too large.  I found what I was looking for in Thingz.  The price had been knocked down twice and I managed to get a nice frame for $13.

Long story short, I decided against the card above.  I suppose it was because I had been there, done that.  I remembered a cross stitch of a baby asleep on a flower and decided to do that but with a bear. 

The bear is actually shaped with tin foil first and then a thin layer of polymer clay has been put on top.  That way the ears don't get burnt while the rest of it is cooking.

S will be getting this on Thursday. It is going to be sad to see her go but luckily for me she lives close by. This means lots of baby hugs.

Speaking of baby hugs, my cousin in moving here.  She is pregnant as well.  It is going to be so nice to have babies to hug again, especially considering one of the babies I used to look after and dote over turned 18 last month.  That's years as well.


ruthsplace said...

Wow! It looks amazing!

BealcA's Pad said...

I love the pictures of the little bear, it is awesome. Miss U young lady.
I never go on face book anymore, too many on there that drive me up the wall, mostly f a m i l y. if you know what I mean.

Love U,

bealca's pad.