Monday, 15 June 2015

All Things Cute

If it is cute, I am a sucker for it.  As a teenager I was never into putting posters on my wall of music bands, actors etc.  If I did it was only because I felt like I had to.  Even my files for school were covered in images that could pass the peer pressure of socially acceptable but boarded on cute.

This is why I love getting cute outfits for my dogs.  I use the excuse that they need to cover up to keep warm in winter, and in summer it's to protect them from the sun.  I mean the Aussie sun is so harmful right!

I am not however, one of these people that get clothing made specially.  If I spend more than $5 on a top for the dog that is too much.  I was kind of hoping Bo's clothes would fit Lilly but they are a little on the big side so she has had to go naked for a while.  Some of her new clothes turned up today and this time they fitted her perfectly. 

She is one hell of a difficult dog to photograph though as she is constantly moving.  If she stops moving she gets this look on her face that says "I'm guilty and I know it."  I am surprised at how well these photos did turn out considering they were taken on my phone.

This is only one of her outfits. I will put more photos up at later stages when she is in the others.

Mum trying hard to hold her still.

I told Lilly she had to be a lady in this outfit... hmm.

I leave my office chair for one second and up hops Lilly knowing there is food on my desk.

I had fun with this one

To totally change the topic, I have now lost 9kgs so far this year.  I am stoked.  I still have another 60 to go to get to my goal weight so at this rate it will take a couple of years.  As long as I keep losing it and don't put it on.  What I am not too happy about is that I am currently between sizes.  Too small for what I currently have but still too big for the next size down.  People at work are starting to realise that my tops are looking a little over sized so at least the weight loss is starting to get noticed.

I currently have two projects on the go.  One is a quilt I am making for a friend whose bub is due on the 24th.  I was hoping to get a huge chunk of it done on the weekend but ended up with a head cold and in the frame of mind that would probably ruin it than finish it.  The other is something I am making for art abandonment.  More on that when they are ready.

This year has gone so fast.  I can't believe that in two weeks time I can start doing my tax return.  I can't wait for it this year (normally I end up leaving it to the last minute).  I think it is because I am wanting to use my refund on getting my new camera sooner rather than later.

That about does me for news.  Hope you have had a super start to the new week.

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ruthsplace said...

Cute outfits! Yay for 9 kilos!! I figure that it took years to put on, so I don't mind if it takes a while to take off. No one has noticed my losses yet. I have read that it's about the 10kg mark that people start to notice, so a few more for me to go!