Sunday, 7 June 2015

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Today I shouted my mother and Aunt to the movies.  We saw Pitch Perfect 2.  I love the singing in this movie and I must admit I am very much a fan of their German rivals.

On the way home, we stopped at a small, but very busy shopping center.  I think we took one of the last available car parks.  Mum went to get what she needed and my Aunt and I stayed in the car making fun of people's parking.  Normally it is mum's parking we make fun of but this time she was pretty straight.  Hmm I wonder if that is because the car next to us was so crooked.  If it was straight maybe Mum would have been crooked.  Anyway I am diverting.  The car next to us was in the white lines but it was so crooked.  Trust me the below photo does not portray how bad it actually looked. 

I got started on how I really don't like people who reverse park just because it is easier to drive out.  I understand why they would do it but time wise it is not any faster.  In fact I think it is slower.  I find it takes them twice as long, if not longer, to reverse park than to reverse out.  It also holds everyone else up who just wants to get in and park and get to where ever they are meant to be going.

To prove my point, not long after Mum left, another car decided to reverse park two spaces away from us.  The car park between us was empty so we could clearly see what this driver was doing. This skilled driver had one of those new fan-dangled cars that beeps when you get too close.  I know, because the driver had the window down and the beeping was really loud.  Guessing from the angle the driver was looking while reversing,  I think there was also a rear view camera.  You would expect that would make things so much more simpler.  Unfortunately no.  The driver was never satisfied with how they backed in.  They would stop, look out the window, decide they were too close to the white line, go forward and reverse back into the same spot.  After the third try and holding up quite a few cards, the driver finally seemed happy.  Note that I said seemed.  They got out of the car, walked across the road, and decided from there if their parking was good enough.  Seriously this took about 5 minutes.  I kid you not.

Within seconds someone else had decided to reverse park into the space next to us.  They took a while, though not as long, but they were on the white line and couldn't give a toss if were or weren't.  I don't know who is worse, the one who holds everyone one up for 5 minutes going in and out, or the one that holds people up for a short time but then prevents someone getting into their car because they parked on the white line.  Suffice to say, Mum just managed to get in.

Mum will be the first to tell you she is not good at reversing.  I normally have to do it for her.  She did however prove my point that it is much easier to reverse out of a carpark than reverse in.  Mum was out of the carpark in 2 seconds flat and didn't hold anyone other cars up except for the one that, you guessed it, decided to reverse park into the space we vacated.

Walking wise I have been doing quite well.  Over the last two weeks I have done a lot more walking and I have lost another kg.  That is 8kg  so far this year.  I am between sizes as the moment.  My normal clothing size is a little loose and I find I am constantly tugging at my pants to keep them up.  The next size down however is still a little too tight. My new t-shirt arrived last week and I got a couple of comments from my fellow classmates.  It is so true though and suits me well.

I have been stealing my mothers wool to make little hats (I will show you a photo once they are all done).  She doesn't quite have the colours that I want though.  The other day we were in Spotlight and I found that they are selling little mini wools.  They are so cute and the perfect colours for what I want to do. There is just enough in each to make two and a bit hats.

While I was making these hats I lost one of the the paper rings that went around the wool.  I had sworn it had fallen on the floor as I distinctly remembered seeing it there.  When I bent down to get it, it was gone.  It was like it had got up and walked away on its own.  Well it kind of did but it had a little help from my dog Tessa.  I saw this on her back foot about an hour later ...

Unfortunately blogger is up to its old tricks and is not positioning my photos correctly so you will need to mover you head 90 degrees towards your right shoulder and you will get the gist of the photo.

Looking at that photo you can also see that Tess was in bad need of a hair cut.  She has always been so good for me while I have been shaving her, but this last year she has become scared of the shears.  She gets so bad that she starts to shake all over.  She especially won't let me touch her face is really bad with tear crust.  I am just hoping the vet can do something about it when she goes for her injections.  It is not the best photo but you can see she is bald in some areas where she moved.  My poor baby is 14 and a half years old now.  I can see her age has caught up with her as the weather gets colder, but she is still so full of life.  I think she will be getting her jacket put on tonight.

This week gone was the last week my friend had at work before she went on Maternity leave.  I can now post the card that I made for her.  She knows she is having a boy (no 3).  No name has been decided on yet so she keeps calling him Bob. 

Before I say goodnight I have to add one more photo.  You see Lilly gets very jealous of Tessa getting all the attention, and Tess certainly got a lot of that today.  Albeit, unwanted hair cut attention.  Anyway to make it up to the little one who thinks she can waltz in here and take over everything in a month, I had better put up a photo of her as well or there will be trouble to pay.

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ruthsplace said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I hit 5 kgs this week so that's exciting. I'm starting to wear clothes I grew out of. I have a full range of sizes so hopefully I won't have to buy new clothes for a while :D