Monday, 25 May 2015

Don't Like Mondays?

Lets face it, most people hate Mondays.  Social media is riddled with "Oh no, it's Monday Again," sentiments.  Monday is blamed for everything that goes wrong.   You wake up tired and hung over, its Mondays fault; your stockings have a run in them, its Mondays fault; you spill your coffee ... and so on.  It is like Monday is a huge monster from a B Grade Horror movie that is out to devour anyone and everyone until none of us are left

We learn this from an early age.  I grew up when Garfield Comics were popular.  According to Garfield Monday is doomsday.  Anything can and WILL go wrong on Monday, is what we learn from these comics.  Ok so Garfield is a negative puss but he does voice the way a lot of people feel.

Whether you are at school or at work, no-one likes to see Monday come round.  It means there are 4 more days that follow with the same old lame stuff that you really don't want to do (unless of course you are an exception to the rule and actually like school or your job).  Seriously anyone who likes Monday is considered weird and should be taken away in a straight jacket asap, because they obviously have a mental condition that needs sorting out. 

The only others who like (and I will say it loosely) Monday are those who are unemployed or on holidays.  Even then, poor Monday is not celebrated, it just moves up a rung on the ladder from most hated day to just another day.  If Monday was a person it would probably suffer low self esteem, depression, and feel used and abused during the holidays.

Lets compare Monday with Friday.  Apart from the fact that they both share a common factor of computer issues, lots of people love Friday.  Just google Friday Images and they are all positive and happy.  Let me tell you, Friday is a tease.  You still have to work on Friday, the hours drag out more and by the time you leave work it feels like you have worked a week in one day.  It is still a work day.  It then leaves you with two sleepless days before you can get back to work and fix that stupid mistake you made trying to rush off for the weekend.

What is good about Monday then, you ask.  Many things.  You get to see your friends again, you are refreshed after the weekend and on the ball and thinking clearly. It is a new week, with a new beginning.  It is a restart of things that went of track the week before (ie diets and other weekly goals),

Time to start thinking positive.  Who knows what you will achieve.

 What isn't there to be happy about.  If you had Monday off, you would just hate Tuesday. One 7th of your life is Monday, stop complaining, be thankful you have a job.  There are many who would gladly take your place.

I know I only have a small audience on this blog, so no Monday loving revolution is going to happen.  For those who do read this, I hope that you have had, or are having a good Monday and that you don't fall into the peer pressure trap of hating Monday on a weekly basis.

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