Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Walking Wednesday

Wednesdays are fast becoming my walking day.  According to my Vivofit I did 11,456 steps today.  No wonder I am so buggered.  Good news is that I have lost another 2kgs.  That is 7kgs since Feb this year.  It's slow going but that is good in a lot of ways.

Last Wednesday I didn't walk from work to the train station because I knew I was going to be walking on an oval prior to my movement class.  I felt really good after it so today I decided to do my usual work to train walk.  That is around 1.5 kms.  I get to the oval which is 300m from one end to the other, and did 3 up and down laps (1.8kms).  I did do a lot of stretching as well but by the time my one hour movement class started, my muscles started to stiffen. 

The class involved a lot of squats.  Of course I paid for the class and wanted to get the best out of it so I ignored the stiffness and did my utmost best.  By the time I got home I was kind of hobbling to the door.  I am now sitting here at the computer pondering my journey to my bedroom.  Walking is out of the equation.  I could commando crawl but there are too many shoes in the way.  Maybe I will just crawl and inch myself to the bed.  By the time I get there I may have figured out how to actually get up and into it.  Alternatively I could just pull the blankets and pillow down and sleep on the dogs bed.  The dog can have a treat and sleep on mine for the night.

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