Friday, 15 May 2015


Thank God it is Friday.  I love Friday, especially every second one which was today.  We get a masseuse come to work.  We pay of course but seriously it is 15 minutes and $18 worth of bliss.  Sometimes too much bliss and you find yourself sinking deeper into la la land.  This is ok as long as I don't snore and that I wake up properly when its over.  I had to get a second coffee today because I just wanted to sleep.

In our old office building the lunch room was pretty dark and had long lounges.  You would often see someone asleep on one of the lounges (hand up for guilty party here).  You can' do that in our new office.  It is really bright.  Not in colour, it is plain old grey and a different shade of plain old grey.  It is the amount of windows we have.  Some people now resort to catching a few zzz's in the toilet, which is a bit inconsiderate when there is a line up.  Unfortunately the lights in there are so bright, they burn into your retinas.  You can't turn them off as they are motion sensored, and it takes 30 minutes of no movement before they switch off.  Trust me on this, I tried it one lunch time when 'd had a bad nights sleep and could barely focus on the computer screen all morning.  It was rather a shock to the system to suddenly be plunged into such darkness in the depths of, what a second before, was a room lit like a sun going super nova.

How on earth did I get onto this topic.  Oh that's right, its Friday.  There are two emotions for Friday:

1. First thing in the morning you drag  yourself out of bed and off to work, knowing it is the last day of the working week but still knowing you have to get through the last day of the working week.  You can be so exhausted, the weight of an entire week on your shoulders and at least another 8 hours to go till it is over.
 2. An hour before work is to finish you start to find your second wind.  Your mouth does something it hasn't done on it's own without thought for a few days ... it smiles.  It might be a hint, but it is there.  Knock off time comes and suddenly you are all alive and...

Yes I love my weekends.  I get to sleep in, catch up on TV, sleep some more.  You get the picture.  This weekend is going to be interesting.  We have a storm brewing apparently.  I never trust the weather man her in Perth though.  Many times they say we will get gale force winds blah blah blah.  You wait for it, and oh, look I think that blade of grass moved.

See this is tomorrows forecast and they still can't get it right.  The left hand side says a 100% chance of rain and the right hand side says 95% of rain.  What if I plan on the 5%  chance there will be no rain and find myself in a downpour!!!  (Yes I am being sarcastic just in case you thought I was being serious).   Don't mock me though, as mentioned, many times our weathermen have forecast rain and we might get 1 drop per 5 meters squared.  You wait for the next drop but it never comes.

The RSPCA Million Paws walk is on this Sunday which is when the worst is supposed to hit.  I do have plans on being there with Miss Lilly.  Thankfully she is light so carrying her shouldn't be an issue.  I love storms, the rain, the thunder, the whole moodiness of it. Can't wait.

On a final note I will leave you with this image of a car I was parked next to today.  The car parks are quite narrow so when you get a 4WD in one, it takes up a lot of room.  Normally I have to pretend I am a crab in order to get into my car.  Not today.  They were parked so far out that I could actually open my door the entire way. I won't even begin to wonder what was going through the drivers mind when parking.  :)

Have a great weekend.

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BealcA's Pad said...

It has been rainy a lot here in Loveland lately, it seems that a friend of mine decided that he needed a new message on his cell phone, "I think that I need to build an ark." I hope not, but it usually is rainy at this time of the year but this is more than I have seen here in a long time.
Ship ahoy! L/U Kerin.