Friday, 8 May 2015


Everyone loves a Minion.  If you don't, well that's your problem.  :)  

I am not a fan of the Despicable Me Movies but I do love the Minions in there.  There are so many pictures and quotes available of them that I could almost tell you about my day through them.  Here is my day so far according to the Minions

Yes the old "can I ignore the alarm and get away with a few more minutes," voice in the head.

After the week I have had I plan to have a great day.

Ok so it might be Friday but there are computer issues as soon as I get into work so it's a bitter sweet Friday.

Falling asleep on the toilet is not an option so...

Need I say more.

Sometimes I just have to bang my head against the wall, smile and be polite.


And when the day is finally over it will be:

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