Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mothers Day

Our back yard and gutters had one thing in common until my cousin L came over on Sunday.  The grass was getting very long in both of them.  We don't own a lawn mower and neither of us can clean the gutters properly.  We used to hire a guy but he has become less dependable over the last year.  In exchange for some baby sitting L came to mow our lawn.  He brought two midgets with him so that K could get some much needed study time under her belt.

The first hurdle was that the string pull on the lawn mower broke so he decided to use the whipper snipper.  It worked better than I thought.  This is our back yard before.  Didn't get an after one.  I just love how beautifully it grows so that patches of grey sand are perfectly highlighted.

This is Midget number 2.  I have decided to call her my home wrecker as she is now at that age where she is into everything and very stubborn when she doesn't get her own way.  Not one plant is safe when she is around.  I think she thinks they are all weeds and need to be uprooted.  Here she is checking out the hose, which is thankfully turned off at the tap.  There was just enough water dribbling out to make her believe she filled the dogs bowl up.  She then instructed Lilly  (our chihuahua) that she had to drink.  Lilly is great with kids because Midget 2 grabbed her by the scruff of the neck while Midget 1 pushed from behind to make sure Lilly knew the water was there and that she must drink.  Not once did Lilly growl or snap at them, though I did step in quick and say that Lilly probably wasn't thirsty.

This is Midget 2.  As soon as I get the camera on him he hides his head.  It is very difficult to get a good photo.  I was sitting next to him and thankfully he hasn't figured out my camera trick yet.  The LCD pulls out to the side so I can look like I am not taking a photo at all when really I am.

This is Midget 1 and 2 relaxing peacefully together in kidlet sized cushion chairs (aka dogs beds).  Midget 2 would lean slowly back, clasp her hands and let out a big sigh.

This is Aunty G (my mum) taking Midget 1 for a ride around the yard.  She is such a little lady muck in this photo, being chauffeured around and a meal to boot.

 Midget 2 of course clearing the way as they came through

Aunty G needed a good rest, so they all sat happily for a few seconds.  Of course I call to the Midgets to look and the dog and Aunt decide to look in the other direction.

Midget 2 really wanted to climb that ladder.  She thought no one was watching.
Miss Lilly telling me to be quiet as she is hiding from little people.

It was a peaceful afternoon and totally reminded me why I should not even consider having kids at my age.  I'd be knackered.

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