Thursday, 14 May 2015

Foot Tales

I have a friend who goes walking every day in picturesque surroundings.  She posts photos of where she has been each day on Facebook.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my city and it has some amazingly beautiful areas, just not the area that I get to walk in every day.  Here is a slightly sarcastic (ok maybe more than slightly) pictorial view of my daily walk.

The view down the road I don't walk on.  I walk on the footpath.

If you blink you might just miss the tiny pretty little bush with a splash of red.

This advert reminds me why I am working.  I just need to rearrange it a bit so that the cake is under bad and the flat tire is under better because I walk instead.  :)

I think Perth Council put this on the path for me.   They just love me and want me to take care.  Isn't that sweet of them.

A little more greenery on my side of the road.  Unfortunately there is a lot of scraggly bits and brown dead bits.  I think they need a new Gardner.

Spectacular view of the impressive concrete construction for the freeway overpass.

Not  quite halfway but if my body starts to feel like gravity increased ten fold then this is the bus stop.  I find I wait 15 minutes when the bus is supposed to come every 6.  It would take me that long to walk the rest of the way.  I would also probably end up on a bus so full that when the door closed, my face would be squished up against it like I deliberately wanted to to do a blow fish impersonation.

This is where my view gets really interesting.  Seriously, have you never walked down a leafy tree filled lane and wished there was some construction going on that you could look at.

Due to construction work, this very busy road has been cut in half, and you can only walk on one side of it.  Suddenly on that one side, this thing pops up.  At first glance it looks like you have to step onto the road in peak hour but they have been kind enough to leave room for one person to walk through at a time.  Lucky I am not there in peak hour.

Sometimes you get to see some very nice eye candy around the construction site, and then you have days like this.

If you sit around on your butt all day people tend to think you are unfit.  Well crane operators sit around on their butts, but look at what they have to climb to get to the top.  What happens when they need to toilet?!

For weeks I watched this thing getting painted on the side of an apartment building.  It doesn't face anywhere in particular other than another building, so I have to ask ... WHY?

OMG I spy with my little eye an old building that hasn't been torn down in the name of progress.

A quirky little alley way.  This photo doesn't really do it justice.

More construction on the other side of the road.  Trust me when I say the grass is definitely not greener on the other side of that fence.  There isn't any grass.

Sometimes as I walk down here, I get the strangest feeling that I am being watched.  Bizarre.

This thing makes it look like they are drilling for oil and not making an underground bus station.

If I want a nice view of the architecture on my side of the road, I have to look up. (hmm might come back and get this angle again when I get my new camera.

Almost there now.  This place is near the best coffee in the world.  Unfortunately there is no bus stop there anymore so I don't get to part take of this taste bud delight.

The plaque on the wall explaining the above.   It is hard to visualise horses and carts here with all the modern day construction going on.

Finally I get to cross to the other side.  I make it sound like I am a chicken, but unlike the chicken I actually know why I cross to the other side.  Anyways, this is one of my all time favourite buildings around Perth.  There is so much character to it and it is well looked after.  I have never actually been inside it though.

Now that I have crossed the road I have a decision to make.  Go left down past yet more construction or ...

 ... go right and head towards the central shopping area.

For the purpose of this walk I chose the more picturesque and went right.  Here we are just outside the main train station (behind me) and we are looking towards the shopping area of Perth.  There is our green cactus thingy that cost around a million dollars.  I am surprised it hasn't got graffiti on it yet.  Oh and look, there is more construction going on, on the other side of the city!!!

Thus ends an extremely informative and historical tale from the walking feet. 

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ruthsplace said...

Loved seeing your walk to walk. Made me nostalgic.