Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Each morning I wake up stiffer than the previous, all in the name of staying fit.  I try to walk to and from work each day once I get off the train and that is a 3 km round trip.  Once a week I go to a group session for those of us not so fit individuals.  My four months free finished last week which means I am now in the extended class that started today.  I decided that I would still come at my usual time as it was on the way home from work.  There is a huge sports oval nearby so I thought I would get some extra walking time in.  One of the girls from my class said she would join me.

It was a lovely warm day so walking in the open fresh air after being in an office all, was lovely.  The grass on the oval was so soft and squishy that I took my shoes and socks off and walked barefoot.  There is no way I can do that at home.  If we have grass (instead of patches of straw and and sand) it is usually covered in little prickles.  I long for a lawn I can just go naked feet on.  Seriously, check out how green and lush this grass is and I had a whole oval of it.

By the time I got back to where our class was held, my friend was waiting for me in the car park.  She had been waiting almost an hour for me thinking I had better turn up soon or we won't get out oval walk in.  Sorry I parked down in the oval carpark.  Next week definitely.

With all the oval walking and then the exercise class (where I 'ran' ... huhummm ... snails are faster) I managed, for the first time, to go over the 10,000 step goal apparently is what we are supposed to do each day.  Wahoo.  Only going to happen once a week though at the moment.

The other thing I did today was put my new camera on lay by.  I am super excited.  Problem is that it will take three months to pay off.  Oh I really would like it now.  Where is a money genie when you need one, and don't say the lottery. 

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ruthsplace said...

Good for you for getting in the extra steps. The first time I went over 10000 felt amazing (and sore). I'm also walking to work a few times a week and so managed to go over 10 000 a few times last week.

Onwards and upwards.