Friday, 26 January 2007

Australia Day

Each day somewhere in the world, someone is doing something for the first time. Today is my day. Look out blogging world, here I come.

I am from Perth in Western Australia and today is Australia Day. It is a celebration of when the first tall ships sailed into Sydney Harbour back in 1788. So how do we celebrate? The good ol' Aussie BBQ mate! It also means fighting the crowds and spending half the day in blistering heat to get the best view of a really good fireworks show. I am glad I didn't go this year as the temperature is currently over 40 degrees celcius and it is 6:30pm.

Okay so the look of this blog is pretty boring. I seem to have missed the area where you can have fun creating what it looks like. If there is anyone out there in bloggers world, who would like to help a damsel in distress by, all means please do.

I am also hoping to put photographs of my crafts and my travels on here so advice all round is needed.


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