Sunday, 28 January 2007

Iced Coffee - to have or not to have

I hate coffee with a vengance! So how did I become addicted? I could blame my mother but she didn't force my mouth open and make me drink the stuff so ultimately it comes down to me.

Now before I go on I need to define what iced coffee is. You see that would depend on the country you are in so I found out. In Australia it is like a milkshake but coffee flavoured. You can understand my shock when I went into a Starbucks in Canada, asked for an iced coffee, and was handed a 500ml cup of brown water. I looked back at the young man serving me and said, "is this iced coffee." He looked at me as if I was blind but politely said that it was. I walked away and tasted it. It was like drinking bitter water. It ended up in the bin.

So how did I get addicted?

There are times when water is just not a palatable option, even on a hot day. Your first course of action is to migrate towards the fridge in the hopes that there is still some soft drink or juice left. You rummage around and realise you have only two choices: your mother's iced coffee or a cold milo in watery low fat milk.

Milo it is. But alas someone has only left half a teaspoon of milo left in the tin. Now the choices aren't so easy: water (straight from the tap, room temp, tastes of metal); low fat milk (tastes like water); or iced coffee.

Tentatively you poor a mouthful into a cup and sip. It's cold and even though it is coffee, the taste is not strong. The next thing you know you are pouring yourself that first fateful glass that 12 years later becomes your nemesis.

I still don't like coffee, hot coffee that is. The warmer something is the more flavoursome it becomes. Therefore iced coffee has become my choice of drink.

It all started so innocently. I then started to work. The more I moved up in the world the more stress there was and iced coffee labled itself my friend and comforter, even more so than chocolate (shh don't tell the chocolate it might get jealous).

This new friend comes in 300ml and 600ml containers. Soon the 600ml became a meal replacement, then a wind down and then my wake up. Without realising I was on a 1 1/2 to 2 litre a day habit. Consequently this has done nothing for my waistline.

To have or not to have. That is now the question. The answer however may be difficult but it's time I took control. Gone is the Iced Coffee Friend. As of tomorrow I am going cold turkey.

What does someone have to do to get a cola around here?!!

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