Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Travel Scrapping - Are You Lost?

Have you travelled to a wonderful place, couldn't wait to get your photographs printed and scrapbook, only to find a lack of embellishments to match your holiday?

Last year I travelled through Egypt and then to Petra in Jordan. Finding things to scrap with became a nightmare. Okay so I found the Jolee's embellishment stickers but there are only so many heads of Tutankhamun that you can put in one album. I also found that most travel stickers had things like bon voyage (great for the fellucca ride but nothing else). Most travel kits also tended to have things for Paris and Italy. If you ever go to those countries you will have no problems embellishing your photographs.

So I set about creating my own. Let me tell you that free download games such as Luxor, are great for images. Just download the game, save some screen shots, have fun playing the game and then print the images you captured to the size you want. I went one step further and actually made my own rather than stick in cut outs, but I am single with no responsibilities which helps. I also googled egyptian images and printed out a few of them.

On this page I made a cut out of the Eye of Horus which I copied from one of the small Jolee's stickers

These two images were copied from one of the Luxor computer games.

These images were from a google search. With The Horus on the right I printed out the white face section. It was getting too detailed to try and create myself.

The squares on this one are also from a computer game but can't remember which one. I printed them so they would fit the size of the square bubble sticker.

I used the temple shape as a border and the papyrus flow as a page corner. I got these images from a painted papyrus picture I brought back with me.

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