Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Be Careful what you pray for

This morning I prayed for a little motivation for both work and getting myself organised by opening an art etsy store among other things. I have been feeling a lack of motivation since I was sick and really want it back. The good news is I may just have it back, the bad news is that it came with a price. For 7 years I worked for bosses who were total idiots and didn't give a poo about the people they were in charge of. Last year when I started with this company I ended up with the world's best boss. Today I found out that due to restructures the trainers in each state will now come under the guidance of the sales team state Manager so that the National Training Manager can have more time to develop a simulation training program (which may ultimately see him out of a job). To quote an famous yellow pages add here in Australia ... "NOT HAPPY JAN!" (Only Aussies will get that one).

My new boss told me by email before my old boss had a chance to tell me. Man was he furious when I phoned to ask what was going on? The new boss then told the rest of the WA sales team before learning from the CEO to keep his mouth shut until my old boss had had a chance to tell us. Did I get an apology? NO! Reason being is because my new boss has an ego so big that I am amazed he can fit through the door.

The sales team also tend to think that I am their assistant and therefore I have to do what they say. My old boss was always there to stick up for me when they were asking for things that were just not possible. Now I have a new boss who is a sales person first and has no idea what so ever about training.

That is my gripe for the day. I'm not happy and I want my boss back. I am trying to look for the good in this but I am finding it really hard. Life is just not fair. I knew this job was too good to be true. Anyway I should not complain as I still have my job. Other states have lost their trainers. God obviously still wants me here and I need to have more faith that I will be happy no matter what happens.


BealcA's Pad said...


This makes for a big blow, I know that God has something for you, you are so very special, and with all of that talent ~ He will use it to His glory.

You are in my prayers,

Ruth said...

Yeah, that kind of sucks. He was a great boss. I hope the CEOs put your new boss in his place even if it didn't trickle down to you knowing about it...