Monday, 2 June 2008

Long Weekend

Thank God for long weekends because I really needed this one. Although this entry will need to be short as I have to go get some work done. On Saturday my cousin and his wife came over for lunch with their four boys. They are growing up so fast. On Sunday Mandy had organised a day for Vivian to come down for some canvas fun. Mine didn't seem to be working as much as I would have like, until the very end. I am happy with it now and it is hanging in my office (pictures below).

Today Angie and I went to see the 4th installment of Indiana Jones. It was action, adventure, romance and comedy all mixed into one. I had heard that it was all a little far fetched and about Aliens etc so I went in expecting the worst and came out loving it.

Well work beckons. It is all reports. I would rather be getting messy. By the way my fingertips are a nice purple colour now!!! Gotta love paint.


Ruth said...

Kerin, it's fabulous. Tess looks so sweet!

BealcA's Pad said...

I am glad you posted again, I love Tess she is awesome. I still have pictures of her in my picture files that you IM'es me a while back. Thanks, love it all.
ME! Got to go exercise this shoulder/arm etc. It is hurting.