Friday, 30 May 2008

What a Week!

I have just spent the last week learning how to use a computer program to create interactive training programs. If people complain to me about how difficult the software is that I teach them in then I will get them to create a demo on the Sim Builder. My goodness. To simulate a demonstration that would take 30 seconds verbally (if that) takes a whole day to create. At least while you are learning anyway. I can't get over how much goes into each click. Its enough to drive you up the wall. Fortunately my boss is the one who will be using it the most but I am there for back up in case of emergencies (yippee)!

Also on technology I had to go and give a demonstration with one of my more difficult clients. Finally they agreed to have a look at what the software had to offer them. I get to their office, I set up, the projector is working, the computer is working, but the two aren't connecting. I tried changing the source, moving the cords, switching the machine on and off. Half an hour later I walk out totally embarrassed having gone through nothing and having one of the Directors tell me this was wasting his time (he was the one not interested in the first place). I take the projector and computer back to work and get IT to look at them. Well my computer worked with other projectors and the projector worked with other computers, they just didn't like each other!! So there you have it ... artificial intelligence can most certainly be prejudiced. I have been saying this all along.

On a good note I made sure I came home every night to do something creative. The more I get into this new painting on canvas thing I am doing, the more room I am needing. There is not enough room in the studio for both it and scrapbooking so the painting has migrated to the dining room. My mother then informs me (now I have a lovely mess going on) that we have family coming here for lunch: 7 kids and 7 adults! Consequently there was a mass tidy up and everything was dumped in the spare room. Which is ironic really because the room had only just recently been cleared of all the craft (went out to the storeroom in the studio) and for once was starting to look like a spare bedroom again. Not anymore. Oh the house isn't child proof either and neither are the dogs (joy).

Thank God it is a long weekend because I need it.

Below are pictures of the creative fun I have had this week.

I am not sure if I really like this one but so many people have commented on it so I suppose it will appeal to some. Considering the pigment that I have used is shimmery I find it very difficult to photograph without glare.

This has got to be one of my favourites so far. Considering it started out as a large mistake (spilt something on it) I think it turned out really well. The while shiny section is clear glass micro beads. Obviously the white wall behind does noting to enhance the picture. I can imagine it on a deep green wall. Yes that is torn paper at the bottom.
That about sums up my week. I have a full weekend ahead of me. Lunch with the rellies tomorrow, an all day craft session with my friends on Sunday, and finally going to the movies on Monday to see my old friend Indiana Jones. I have heard it is a little strange this time but I am a fan so I can't possibly not see it.


Ruth said...

I totally love the second one!!

Hee heh, don't you hate it when technology decides to go belly up on you. You've got my sympathy there.

BealcA's Pad said...

Well, I like the last one, it has a tree, that I understand. I guess that I don't know much about this type of painting.

I must be getting way too ole.