Sunday, 4 May 2008

Craft and Gifts

As you know my boss is now a proud father of a baby boy. I told my boss I was making something for them and he truly believes that it is something to do with scrap booking. I am actually doing a birth announcement cross stitch which most likely will not be finished until bubs first birthday.

When I decided to do over his office again I bought a chipboard L for the Learner dad sign. It was too small really. Luckily the babies name is Eli so I went and bought an E and I as well. I thought I would paint them up nicely and put them somewhere in his office. When people at work saw it they demanded that I put it in a frame and give it as a gift instead. So the letters came home.

On Thursday night the SA trainer and myself went shopping (with money we had collected from the other trainers) for a baby gift. We managed to find a nice plastic frame at Red dot for $7. I painted it up today so that it matched the paint on the letters. Below is my finished masterpiece and I would like to apologise to my boss that yes it is a form of scrap booking but if he throws it in the bin there is going to be trouble.

Below are the other gifts. The blue beanie bear wrapped in a blanket is specifically for my boss. He wants to know who came up with the phrase "sleeping like a baby" so he can shoot them. Anyway the SA Trainer and I told him that if you look at a sleeping baby it is peaceful so that is what the beanie bear represents.

Considering he is into exercise and health we also bought a Jolly Jumper for Eli as well as an exercise outfit that will fit him from 3 months on. It has a hooded sweat shirt, joggers, 2 pairs of matching socks, and a matching T-Shirt. There were matching shoes to but we had no money left.

The orange zebra is made of chewable, washable thick synthetic type material which I thought was just perfect for one of the many things to go in the mouth.


Ruth said...

The name sign is fabulous! Your co-workers were right to insist you frame it. Love the zebra too!

BealcA's Pad said...

Oh how cute, Kerin. You are so artistic and so good at what you do that I am very proud of you.

Chocolate Cat said...

What great presents especially the 'name'sign. Sounds like lots of fun.