Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nasty Visitor

It is common knowledge that I have sleep apnoea and have to sleep using a mask and a CPAP machine. Last Friday night the mask was really bugging me so I pulled it off and turned off the machine. Around 4am I awoke with the need to commune with nature so I leant over and turned on the light. The CPAP machine sits next to my light and in those few seconds of light blindness I made out a little bit of movement. As soon as my eye adjusted I saw what the movement was. Now you have to understand that the CPAP has a chamber fill with water that gets heated and warms the air flowing through to you from the machine. When I took the mask off I left it on the side of my bed. A big, nasty (and I am talking 2 inch long) flying cockroach decided to climb into the nose mask, down the 1.5m tube to the machine and go for a dip in the humidifier. I really hate cockroaches and that just freaked me out to no end. It was even worse when I finally managed to pry the bottom of the water chamber off and it went splat into the laundry sink. It was worse than nails down a blackboard. Suffice to say the who lot was sterilised as much as possible before I used it again!


BealcA's Pad said...



Thank God that you saw it and it didn't go into you when putting it back on.

Love yah

Ruth's Place said...

That's my worst creature! You poor thing!

Chocolate Cat said...

Sorry I have to say you brought a smile to my face and I actually chuckled out loud!! My husband uses a CPAP and I could relate to the whole scenario! Glad you are okay!