Monday, 19 May 2008

Monthly Challenge 4

Yes I know there was a month in there without a challenge but they didn't do one, and they have upped the prize to $30 which is good. I am going to be doing an album for my good friend Ruth so she has sent me all the photo's of her daughter. When it came to choosing the papers for my challenge there really wasn't much choice but I found the perfect photo amongst Ruth's photo's that matched the colours.

Firstly I coloured the sides of the canvas board with the Luminart paint I have been playing around with. The felted ric rac and the brads were a must for use as well as the two types of papers. The ric rac was not in a colour I wanted so I used my luminart paint and fabric medium and painted it up. It matched perfectly. After an hour or so of placing everything the below photo's are the result. Techniques used were sandpapering, ripping, and fraying.

Ruth, I am going to send this to your mum. Can you email me her address please. I am going to do it anonymously though so don't tell her who it is from. I thought it would be a nice surprise. If her birthday is close let me know so that I can send it then. Just remember that if I win I won't get it back until the end of June.

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Simone said...

Very cool. It looks great.