Friday, 2 May 2008

More Office Fun

After almost three weeks of sick I finally made it back to work. I am totally knackered. In fact I slept for over 10 hours on Monday. My boss kindly took my training session this week which was wonderful of him.

Prior to the sick leave I knew that my boss' wife was due to have her baby at anytime, so the usual office decorating suspects were on call the minutes we found out about it. Unfortunately it was soon after I got sick. Considering I had all the stuff the office never got done.

It was decided that we would do it last night. Two of the decorators could not make it (on leave). The trainer for SA was here and she was more than willing to help out. Her training however went overtime and a third decorator had to leave. I then found out that the boss was having a daddy day care day today so it was decided that it would be done today after work. Decorator no.3 had called in sick and the SA trainer had flown back to SA which left just me so I went down to IT to round up a couple of helpers. It didn't take long. I managed to get 2 people and when we started a couple more joined in. Anyway the photos of the office can be seen below. It isn't as way out there as the first one but it will do. We had mini rattles, mini babies, baby booties, baby shower decorations and a sign for a learner dad.


Ruth said...

Poor tired new father! Your office looks like a really fun place to work.

BealcA's Pad said...

Kerin, I love it. It amazes me at your wonderful ways of doing so much to bring joy into other peoples lives and getting others to join in to help you.
Keep praying for me, pain in shoulder/arm is rough and sleep is not coming very often, also am running a wee temp.
HS my friend.