Saturday, 26 April 2008

Finally found a way to finish off the seahorse. The first photo is the real colour and the second photo shows the detail a bit more.

It is hard to show the right colour. The closest you get to it is the closeup picture and the colour of the ribbon. There has to be a better way to take these shots, I have used natural filtered light, sunlight, flash etc.

This is some of my Doodleart. It is also me at my most free with expression. I am too much of a perfectionist so the colouring of this one was very hard for me. For some reason I have this obsession with mirror imaging.

One of my favourite Doodleart pieces.


Ruth said...

Kerin, I would pay money for your doodle art - seriously, it's stunning! Love the purple pigments too, and the sea horse looks great.

Javajem said...

Those are just gorgeous!

Great job!

(PS - Ruth sent me!)

Barbara said...

Gorgeous, Kerin!

vivian said...

love your pieces kerin!