Thursday, 10 April 2008

It got worse

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned how my Dr thought I had whooping cough. Well the last two days I have worked the afternoons from home. The antibiotic that I was given is not working. Last night I barely slept. I could the Dr's Surgery first thing and begged them to book me in as my next appointment is not until Monday. They phoned me back and said 11:30. By this stage I was cold and shivering, my body aching, my cough killing my head and making me throw up.

I finally saw the Dr around a quarter to one. She took my temp and it was over 39 degrees. She made me take my jacket off immediately (nasty). The blood work for whooping cough came back negative so she sent me off for a chest x-ray to see if I had pneumonia. We went straight back to my Dr with the x-rays and she said they were clear but it look like bronchitis. At the same time she thinks that I have also contracted the flu - not a cold but the real thing.

Mum came with me which was great considering she is sick with a head cold. The Dr instructed her that if I got any worse over the weekend then I was to be taken straight to emergency. Nice!

By the time we got home it was 3pm. Mum had been speaking to a friend of hers on the phone while I was being x-rayed. At 10 to 5 she phoned up and said she was bringing some soup over. It was so yummy. It was an Asian soup with lamp chunks and veggies. I could barely get through it but it was nice.


Nicole said...

Sorry to hear. Get better soon.

Ruth said...

Get well soon!