Saturday, 12 April 2008

Little Visitor

Ok not talking about being sick this time, however I will say that dehydration is a wonderful thing. This time last week I weighed 101.5kg and now I weigh 98.2kg. I wonder how long it will take to go back on?

Also before I forget, my wonderful Colour Swap Pal has given me the link to her blog. Just click on Lillian under my favourite blogs to get to it.

On Wednesday night Michelle dropped Nikki off for a 5 day visit. Rambo was fine but Tess had her nose out of joint and kept growling at her the whole evening. She was determined to remain the alpha female.

As soon as Michelle left Nikki sat at the front door waiting for her to return. Every now and then she would come into the lounge room with us but as soon as a car went by or a door slammed she was at the front door like a shot.

Then she would let out a little cry so mum took pity on her and let her up on the chair. Sorry Michelle damage done. She loves that chair now. I even caught her on it last night!!! :)

Listening out for my mum and ready to pounce.
If I crane my head around the corner I might see the door where I came in.
Emotionally exhausted to wait anymore. I will just make the most of this warm lap I am on.


All the dogs were left alone in the backyard for at least 4 hours while we had to go out. In that time Nikki learnt to stand her ground with Tess rather than run away. This is a good thing as it is about time Tess got taken down a peg or two.

We also played with her tire tonight. Does this dog have energy or what! If you could capture her energy and plug it into the main power switch of your house you wouldn't have to pay for electricity again. Tess kept getting in trouble the whole time we were playing because she thought Nikki was attacking us. Tess kept going for Nikki's little tail. No biting but slobber left. She would then get told off by me, Nikki and mum and walk away in a mood to sulk somewhere and growl under her breath. Like I said she needs to learn to socialise.


Mum stayed in bed all day. I think she has my flu now. Nikki kept her company, Mainly because from that vantage point you could see the street and there was just the off chance that her mum might come for her.

I can't see her yet!
Give up. I'll adopt this one.
She lets me sleep on the bed.

Little Miss Princess Tess is shoved to the bottom of the bed but this is where she usually goes.

Meal times are interesting. There are three dogs with three different types of food but suddenly everyone wants what the other is having so they all get a mix.

Is that mine? Are you sure?

Well that was yesterday. This morning Nikki tried to come into my room but that is Tess and Rambo's domain. Rambo couldn't care less but Tess lets her know she still owns one room of the house at least. Consequently Nikki has never been passed my door until I called her in this morning. Tess had her nose out of joint again (might need plaster soon). Tess stayed up close for a cuddle and I made sure she got all the attention. Nikki was just happy to sit.

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