Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dogs are funny creatures

Until Nikki came to visit, Rambo and Tess could not be bothered with chasing the birds out of the back yard. In fact there could be 3 doves walking brazenly around on the lawn and the dogs wouldn't care less.

Enter Nikki!

Apparently yesterday a huge black crow sat on the fence and Nikki started barking at it. It swooped down and flew close to the ground for the width of the yard, tormenting her. Of course she took chase and Rambo and Tess chased after her.

A couple of minutes ago I heard a commotion outside. Started by Nikki and backed up with the occasional non committal bark by my two. I looked out the window and this is what I saw:

At the back of the yard between two big trees, there is a play fort up against the fence. I wouldn't call it a cubby house because it is no enclosed. On the fence was a huge black crow. I am sure it was the one from yesterday that had come back to torment Nikki further. Due to the position of the fort Nikki could not get directly below the crow so she ran from one side to the other barking as she went.

The crow looked like it was enjoying a tennis match and had no inclination of leaving until it was bored. Rambo, being the man of the house (and the smallest) put his two barks in and that was enough for him. Tess however has deemed herself the family guardian and watches Nikki like a hawk waiting for her slip up in a moment of weakness (that will never come) so she stayed to watch. Occasionally she would bark but she wasn't even looking at the crow most of the time.

Even when I went outside, the crow still stayed watching the silly little dogs (he wouldn't have been laughing if they knew how to climb the forts ladder steps). I just found it rather amusing that despite their differences, for at least 2 seconds there all three dogs were working together in unison to rid the backyard of the dark foe.

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