Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Pressie's in the mail

I received my colour swap gift in the mail today. It was lovely. I got some really nice oriental paper, some buttons, some felt lettering, some face cream and two little fishes dangling on and oriental designed cord. I love it. It means I have no excuse anymore for not doing my Korean album. Thank you to my secret FSC3 pal I love it all.

I also received another parcel of fabric that I had bought so it was a nice double mail drop. I promised Ruth that I would start back into some quilting so I went and purchased some gorgeous Thai cotton. The photo's really don't show the sheen of the fabric much but they are still stunning.


Ruth said...

Oh wow, great package from your colour swap pal! Do you know who she is yet? Put up a link so we can go and see them, please!

Those fabrics are fabulous!!!! Where did you get them? Have you got a pattern you want to make? I'll take any scraps you've got left over - seriously, I'm cutting one inch squares for a square in a square project,or for a postage stamp quilt - yes I know, I'm mad!

Susan said...

Very nice! I'm a knitter first, but also quilt. The fabrics are beautiful.

WWG said...

Hi Mischief , very cool art :)
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