Thursday, 3 April 2008


I weighed myself again this morning in hopes that something had dropped off. I had put on 1.5kg overnight. Not happy. In fact it is very disappointing. I had an appointment with the Dr this afternoon about other things and she told me that it will take a long time for my body to start thinking of shaving the fat because it has been there for so long and I am most likely genetically predispositioned to be chunkier. Still not happy!

So if any of you have been watching the Aussie version of the Biggest Loser you will understand when I say that I did a Cosi today. The day they show Cosi going on a food bender is the day I think stuff it and had myself a small McDonald's Cheeseburger and choc mint sundae. For the first time in the whole show I actually sympathise with the guy (he is a right pain in the neck though).

I felt guilty because I knew it was wrong and that I am my own worst enemy and also because I enjoyed it. Man alive those endorphins that race through you when you have take away food.

To make me feel doubly guilty I get home and find a nice message on my blog from someone who has never contacted me before telling me to stick with it as I am an inspiration to the Internet community. The good thing though is it gave me a good kick in the butt and I hope to get back on track tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Thanks Nicole for your kind encouraging words. I hope you do well at weight watchers.

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Ruth said...

Listen to your doctor! :)

At least you didn't order the entire Macdonalds menu! You had a very small blow out, not a huge one.