Monday, 31 March 2008

Weigh in No.2

It is days like today that really make me wonder why the hell I bother putting my body through the pain of exercise. My back and legs are extremely stiff and both my ankles are sore. The result of all this exercise is weight gain as well as adding 4cm to my body in areas that just don't need anymore. Albeit I have toned in other areas with a loss of 6cm. For some reason though this is not boosting my spirits. I want to lose weight not gain it. Welcome to my world. Two hard months of exercise and nothing in the weight loss department to show for it. Well that is my bitch for the day.


Ruth said...

It'll come off Kerin, with the amount of work you are doing it has to!

Nicole said...

Hmm, trying to think of words of encouragement, that won't make you want to hit me.

You have to keep going, as it gives people like me more hope. You are a role model, to people across the internet world. You make me want to find some stairs and climb them. And in the long run all this work will pay off, you'll be one step closer to the goal and one step further from the start.

Good Luck!!