Monday, 17 March 2008

Studio Clean Up

The studio is almost done. I have swept the floor, moved things around, rearranged and repacked. I am hoping to have it all nice and tidy by Friday because A is coming over for some scrappin' time. We were going to do some exercise as well but she has hurt her back ... I don't know some people will do just about anything to get out of exercise! :)

This weekend is the four day long weekend for Easter. I have so much that I want to get done and yet the best thing I am at is procrastinating. I have reports that I want to get done for work, the monthly challenge that needs to be complete (I wrote a children's story about an owl) and I also have a cross stitch to make a dent in for when my boss' bub is born.

Well it is 11:20pm and I have an all day training session to take tomorrow. I hope they are a fun group. That makes the day go a lot faster. Then all I have is Wednesday to get through (I have a horrid day coming up on Wednesday). Thursday should be a breeze. Work is putting on a family fun day so really it is only half a day. I have to do my best to stay away from the BBQ and the easter bunny that will be there.

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Ruth said...

Have fun with A, wish I could pop over too!