Thursday, 6 March 2008

Been Shopping

Well I have been shopping. My boss is going to Africa for a conference and he has agreed to take a toy over to my niece. The problem is that with all the sales on at the moment there have been some lovely bargains. This means the toy has grown to about four outfits and some stickers for mum to play with. I have put in a video of the toy because it is sooooo cute. It was the last one in the store so I think the battery is dying (plus the closet child in me has been having fun). You will notice that anything that sounds real and cute will also produce the appearance of my dog to see if it is fake or if it is something she has to kill.


Ruth's Place said...

They look wonderful Kerin, thank you!

BealcA's Pad said...

The little bear is adorable and the outfits too, don't know much about stickers, but am learning. Thanks for sharing, Kerin.
Love yah!

Barbara said...

Very cute! :)