Monday, 24 March 2008

Monthly Challenge 3

It is finally completed and true to it's name it was most definitley a challenge. This time the challenge was a tin and a chipboard template of an owl. There is only so much one can do to a tin (especially whe the handle and clasp can not be removed), therefore I chose to decorate something to put in the tin. This was where the challenge came. Tins to me are for storage and this tin is an odd shape as well so what on earth would I put in it.

I thought of going all out and write a children's story about an owl at Easter time and that I would create the book with pictures and finger puppets. Well I wrote the story but that is as far as it went. I realised that it would be too time consuming to draw the characters so it is being saved for another day. In the end I went with what an owl represents - wisdom. All I needed to do was find Little statements of words of wisdom and create a little flip book. I collected various quotes from the Internet. I then created the booklet itself by cutting a larger shape of the owl template.

The prize money has now dropped from $50 t0 $25 which I think is a little bit rude. Most other scrapbook stores have a challenge in a $5 kit and the prize is around $25. This store however gives a list of what you must use. Considering the tin and template cost $17 I think they should of waited until next month to lower the prize money.


Robynne said...

Nicely done Kerin. Good luck with the Challenge.
Scraptivate have a $15 challenge pack and the prize is $25 store credit.

Ruth said...

Looks great Kerin! LOVE the tin itself and the inside bit looks great. I think lowering the prize money in the middle of the challenge month is a bit rude too. They should have either done it before the customers forked out for the kits or after the challenge.

BealcA's Pad said...

That is so cute, and looks like a lot of work and effort to make it, but know that you enjoy the challenge.

It helps give me some ideas for the little 4x4 ones that I am doing for the church Mother's Day Brunch and the Father's Day Brunch which I hope to have both done before that time. I have several other projects that I want to get into as soon as May comes our way.

Give Mum my love.

Betty from BealcA's pad

Anonymous said...

Very lovely!!
I especially love the last one with the tin box. :)
very cute!!

From your FCS pal.