Sunday, 19 August 2007

Office Fun

My boss is a bit of a practical joker however one day he told me in all seriousness that we were a team and teams stick up for each other. It was only about 3 weeks later that he got me big time with a practical joke over the phone. Friends convinced me it was payback time. So much for the team sticking up for each other!!! :)
It was his birthday this weekend and he was away all last week which was just perfect to do his office over. It took 90 minutes on thursday night with 5 of us working hard. I even got permission from his boss just in case he tries to tell me off tomorrow. I knew he was coming in on Friday to do some work but he was in for all of 10 mins. I am hoping that he doesn't pull it down this weekend as he goes into work on Sunday's sometimes.
Anyway below are the photo's of his office. His name and those involved shall remain nameless as he would probably fire me if he knew this was on the internet. Unfortunately this means some of the better photo's aren't being displayed.


ruth said...

Yeah, I see why your tag is mischief maker. I bet it was heaps of fun. Let us know his reaction.

Anonymous said...

Well oh well that is fantastic. I've seen some great office transformations but that one really does take the cake. I do hope your Boss leaves it up for months and months - what a great working environment - hopefully no one will bother him in his little cosy corner.