Monday, 20 August 2007

The Boss's Reaction

Well my payback backfired. He loved it TOO much! I should have let one of the guys stick toothpicks in his chair!

I came into work and saw that the majority of the streamers had been taken down, he had fun popping the balloons this afternoon and the doll was once again hanging from the neck via a streamer. I told him that everyone thinks the doll is cute and considering we think it looks like him, he should therefore take it as a compliment. He wasn't too sure about that. I must admit the doll does have more hair (did I type that out loud)! Eventually I asked him what it was about the doll he didn't like considering everyone else had fallen in love with it. He said that was the problem. It was too cute and he was jealous of the attention it was getting!

Anyway he really liked it, so much so he dragged his wife down there to have a look over the weekend. She was also impressed.

I told him I was not going to do it every birthday if he loved it that much. He said GOOD! I then said, "okay if you insist - I will."

Maybe I should start up an office decorating business.

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